Google Announces New and Improved Analytics!

May 8th, 2007

This morning Google unveiled its upgraded Analytics reporting interface at the Emetrics Summit in San Francisco. As I’ve mentioned before, the happiest analyst is the one who uses the best software. The amount of report customization possible in the new version of Google Analytics is amazing and the ability to schedule the delivery of PDF reports via email is such a time saver. Finally, data is as good looking as it is valuable.

Google Analytics Dashboard

Expo 62 Sales Center Opens

April 19th, 2007

Expo 62 has opened with first looks at a limited number of floorplans and pricing information. I’m most interested in the live / work lofts as they feature desirable concrete, steel, and glass construction with Dalmatian-friendly street access. The 3rd floor and above feature wood construction condos which will be competing on price with the Gallery condo development and infamous wood frame condo failure Trio see it here. All 3 developments should complete construction nearly simultaneously and within a 2-block radius on the edge of Belltown and Queen Anne – Uptown Seattle perhaps?.

I love the Piet Mondrian windows (reminds me of a vacation in Den Haag, NL)

Expo 62 from North

You’ll notice that the Expo 62 model is encased in glass, thwarting the evil Theresa-monster’s plans to demolish the building using floorplan handouts. The Gallery model was not so lucky…

Google Analytics Authorized Consultant

April 4th, 2007

This is an exciting crossroads in my career. Burned out on the service provider business model, I had been interviewing with various Seattle high-tech firms and interactive marketing agencies. The best fit turned out to be at POP, a creative agency with an impressive reputation for search marketing, as well as analytics. It certainly helped that my first day working for POP consisted of a training seminar at the Googleplex.

I have been convinced for some time now that web analytics and Google Analytics in particular are the Next Big Thing. It’s also worth pointing out that as a technician or analyst, your job satisfaction is derived in large part from the quality of the software that you work with every day. Let me explain in no uncertain terms that the Google Analytics product is the most exciting, intuitive, and intelligent application I have ever used — and it’s FREE. Google Analytics and Website Optimizer serve to measure and improve Google AdWords customers ROI on their PPC advertising, creating a win-win for both the advertisers and Google. As a result, Google leaves the advanced product support and consulting services to partners like POP. It’s also worth noting that instead of creating book companies like Cisco Press or a maze of worthless certification exams like whatever Microsoft is touting these days, Google simply invites their partners down for a conference in Mountain View. I feel as though I’ve been around long enough to realize what a fantastic opportunity this is and also to appreciate working for companies with honest ethics and “don’t be evil” marketing practices.


Buzzsaw Brown is Back

March 8th, 2007

It’s my favorite beer from my favorite brewery and now Buzzsaw Brown Ale is finally back in season. Deschutes Brewery only offers this beer from April through June when it is replaced by the far less spectacular Twilight Ale. If you see Buzzsaw Brown for sale please be sure to leave a comment and let me know where I can get my hands on some http://u..-viagra-online-uk/.

Buzzsaw Brown is Back

Deschutes Brewery is based in beautiful Bend, Oregon where Theresa and I made nightly visits to their Brewpub last summer on our Bend side-trip driving back from San Francisco. Buzzsaw is named for the logging industry that created Bend along the Deschutes river. The largest sawmill is still there and is now an REI store anchoring the Shops at the Old Mill District, just across the river from the brewery.

Condo Home Theater 2.0 in HD

February 19th, 2007

An audiophile’s approach to any decision is all about compromise. As one salesman so aptly explained, “You don’t want the best component, you want the one that sucks the least.”

Choosing to live in a condo over a house is a huge concession for someone with a passion for music and cinema. Not only do you need to make the best use of the available $500+ per square foot space, but also keep your volume down for the neighbors. Alright, the hell with the neighbors, let’s set about optimizing our home theater for that cozy living room, or cubby hole as Theresa so affectionately calls it.

Upgrading to a flat screen HDTV is a great way to start. However, these sleek sexy sets also present a new problem: Where does that full-size center channel speaker go?

I searched the A/V furniture market for my requirements:

  • Flat screen TV
  • Turntable shelf check that
  • Center channel speaker shelf

The problem is that on any rack, the turntable needs to be on the top so that you can put records on it. The center channel speaker also needs to be as elevated as possible. Apparently I’m one of the few people who own both a turntable and a center speaker, and I don’t see any easy solution from the purpose-built audio furniture available.

Just when I was about to give up on flat screens altogether, my favorite furniture retailer, Room and Board, has unwittingly created an ideal solution:

This sliding-door media cabinet maximizes floor space, accessibility, storage, ventilation, remote control operation, and provides a 5-foot high area on which you can place a meaty center channel speaker. This would require drilling through the back of one of the middle shelves to channel the turntable cables back to the amp and power, but that’s something even my unhandy skills can easily work out.

Like most solutions that solve multiple problems, it’s expensive at $3,000 before taxes or delivery. That’s a whopping 50% more than the Sony KDL-XBR3 that I plan to mate it with. That said, I haven’t seen a better looking way to keep my home theater sounding great.

Expo 62

February 17th, 2007

Belltown isn’t really my pace, and I have grown to love Lower Queen Anne in every way. There seems to be a hotspot for condo development right on the boundary of these neighborhoods, essentially the Denny corridor.

Mosler Lofts 1 bedrooms were way overpriced for open 1 bedroom floorplans, which we don’t really like Expo 62 seems much more reasonable, as long as the floorplans have proper bedrooms.

Expo 62

Myrtle Edwards Park

February 13th, 2007

This weekend we went down to the new Olympic Sculpture Park with Kate Dog again. This time there were two other Dalmatians!!!


Volkswagen Announces U.S. Spec R32

February 7th, 2007


Volkswagen has announced a shipment of 5,000 R32 units to the USA beginning in August 2007. Unfortunately, it appears that the R32 will only be available with Audi’s DSG automatic transmission.

make [ -f makefile ] [ option ] … target …

February 6th, 2007

All in all, it only took about an hour to get everything in order to make this site appear the way it does now. I should have abandoned livejournal and myspace years ago…