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Gallery Belltown Closing Schedule

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

Gallery Belltown announced their newest closing scheduled tonight at a private buyers event at the Space Needle. Floors 1-5 are now scheduled to close in August, with floors 6-9 following in September, and floors 10-13 set to close by the end of October.

Gallery Belltown, June 4th, 2008

Construction is moving along now with the exterior of Gallery nearly complete. Part of me really wishes I had bought at Gallery rather than the Parc, but the 30% price jump for a similar unit was just too much to bear. Once complete, Gallery will likely be the best looking building in Belltown other than Mosler Lofts, which was also architected by Mithun.

Expo 62 over Gallery Belltown

Monday, November 12th, 2007

After months of research and two earnest money backed reservations at both Expo 62 and Gallery, I have finally settled on my next condo purchase. Expo 62 is my choice at a $300-375k price point.

Expo 62 from East

Expo 62 unit 407 is actually located on effectively the 3rd floor, which provides sound and dalmatian absorbing concrete construction beneath. At only 454 square feet, this unit is much smaller than the unit I was purchasing at Gallery. However, this unit includes a 150 square foot terrace, with excellent and virtually guaranteed views of the Space Needle and Pacific Science Museum arches for all time. With the seemingly endless new condo construction in Seattle’s lower queen anne and belltown neighborhoods, the only view I am interested in investing in is one that could never be obstructed. There is barely enough room for my condo home theater, but it will definitely fit while taking advantage of the flexible acoustic environment that this unit in particular offers.

Expo 62 Entrance

I should also point out that I only began actively searching for new construction condos again after Gallery decided to split all of their awesome 2-story Sky Loft plans into 1-story 600 square foot open one bedroom plans. I feel that this will negatively affect the value and potential appreciation of open one bedroom units in less desirable sections of the building. This design change also dramatically increased the number of units in the building, and while the amenities at Gallery are superior, I would prefer to share them with a few dozen $650k+ Sky Loft residents rather than twice as many $375k open one bedroom residents. Ultimately, the luxury proposition of Gallery has been sacrificed for the profitability of the development, and as a result I am no longer willing to pay the luxury concrete and steel premium.

Gallery Condominiums in Belltown

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

If you’re single and don’t need a huge floorplan, definitely check out the open 1 bedroom plans at the Gallery sales center. Apparently, I’m now single and as a direct result have purchased unit #310. Kate Dog will have a nice balcony from which to blend in with the white architectural design element.

Gallery Condominiums - Belltown